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TimePilot Central is the place you'll be spending most of your time when you use the TimePilot software. In TimePilot Central, which is password-protected, you can set up employees, create or change your company's policies (overtime, holiday schedule, etc.), monitor employee transactions, setup and configure TimePilot clocks and generate reports. Let's take a look at the TimePilot Central screen:

Down the left side of the screen is a series of tabs. Clicking them will show you various aspects of your TimePilot system. Here's a description of each:


Select this tab to view your software version and edition as well as account information. If you request support, you'll need your license number. It's there too.

The Account tab displays your account information



In/Out Board

The In/Out Board displays the up-to-date status of each employee. Green arrows indicate they are currently clocked in. Blank space indicates they are clocked out. A box indicates that they are currently either on holiday, vacation, taking PTO time etc. For a key to the box colors, click the "Setup" tab along the left side of the screen, then the "Transaction Type" tab that appears at the top of the screen.

The In/Out Board tab displays your employees' status


The transactions tab is the heart of the system for editing, viewing, and processing transactions. For complete details on all the options available for working within the Transaction tab click here.

The Transactions screen shows each employees' clock ins and clock outs. Users of the TimePilot system will spend much of their time on this screen.

Pay Periods

The Pay Periods tab allows you to process an existing pay period (in other words, move the data collected in a single pay period into a separate file), access previous pay periods and export data to payroll services and software. For details on processing a pay period click here.

On the Pay Periods screen, you can process your pay period, see previously processed pay periods, and export your pay period data to payroll software and services.


The Reports tab provides access to all the different predefined reports as well as the ability to create your own customized reports. For more on Reports, click here.

A wide variety of reports is available.




Clock Manager

The Clock Manager tab provides setup of any one of the many TimePilot time clocks as well as the ability to edit the setup of existing time clocks. From here you can sort clocks by job site, location or by clock type. For more detail on how to manage clocks, click the name of the clock: Extreme Blue, Vetro, Tap, TimePilot PC or TimePilot Mobile.

Clock Manager shows you all the clocks in your system and gives you control over them.


The Setup tab allows you to set up and edit any aspect of your TimePilot configuration including employees, companies, locations, departments, shifts, Pay Class, overtime, user logins, etc.

Setup is where you add, delete or modify employees, as well as specify numerous other software settings.


The Support screen contains links to the TimePilot Support Center, which includes links to Frequently Asked Questions, the TimePilot Blog, and contact information if you need technical support.

Need more help? Check out the TimePilot Support Center.

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