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The Setup Tab

Click the 'Setup' tab on the left edge of the screen to display all your options across the top.
Click the 'Setup' tab on the left edge of the screen to display all your options across the top.

The Setup Tab is where you configure the software to match your work policies. Your work policies are configured using each of the tabs available from the "Setup" Tab. You initially configured each of the policies when you first started the TimePilot Central software with the TimePilot Setup Assistant that stepped through each of these items. It is here in the Setup Tab that you can make modifications and add or remove employees.

  • Employee Setup: You'll add your employees here. Details
  • Company Setup: Here's where you'll enter your company information, including name and address, pay period definition(weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), and configure rounding. If you have more than one pay period, you can create a second "company" with different settings. Details
  • Location Setup: This is where you can specify regions or cities where your employees are located. When you have more than one location, you'll be able to create reports that are organized by location for example. Details
  • Jobsite Setup: This is where you can define different jobsites where employees can clock in and out. Both the Extreme Blue/Sky App and the TimePilot Mobile app can use GPS to determine if a clock in or out was generated at a defined jobsite. Details (YouTube video)
  • Department Setup: You'll enter your company's departments here. Later, when you're using the system, you can generate reports grouped by department. Details
  • Shift Setup: This is where you create your employees' shifts. It is within the definition of shifts that where late and early settings are configured along with a feature called "Snap-to": Details
  • Pay Class Setup: This is where you'll set up how your employees will be treated in terms of whether they get overtime, vacation pay, holiday pay, etc. You can have multiple pay classes; for instance, one for salaried employees and another for hourly employees. Details
  • Overtime Setup: Do you pay overtime to your employees? You can have multiple overtime policies, each with a different set of criteria and payment rates. Details
  • Holiday Setup: Here you setup your companies holiday schedule so that employees that qualify for holiday pay will have that time automatically inserted. Details
  • Transaction Type Setup: Transaction types are categories of time that define a each clock in and out transaction pair or insertion of time such Regular, Holiday, Vacation, etc. Only if you need to add a new transaction type unique to your company do you need to utilize this area of the software. Details
  • Users (Admin): Here login accounts for TimePilot Central can be created and/or limited to certain aspects of the software. This tab is only available to the Administrator. Details

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