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Whats a shift schedule?

A shift is a period of time that an employee or group of employees works.

The TimePilot software comes with a pre-set "No Shift." This can be used if you just want the system to keep track of employee hours and don't need it to determine whether an employee is late or early. If you want to track whether employees are early or late, you'll need to set up at least one shift (you can have as many as you want in the TimePilot software).

When you set up employees, each gets assigned to a shift (or No Shift if you don't want to track their hours).

Here's how to set up a shift:

  1. Click the "Setup" tab in TimePilot Central, and choose the "Shift" tab.
  2. Click the "Add New" button to create a new shift. To edit or delete a specific shift, click on the name of the shift and then "Edit" or "Delete."
  3. Give the shift a name (examples: "Days," "Nights" or "First" or "Second").
  4. Click and drag on the calendar to create the beginning and ending of a shift on the desired day of the week.
  5. You can edit the begin and ending times by changing these values displayed in the yellow box.
  6. Click the Late/Early or Snap-To links to add, edit or remove this feature from the shift.
    • Snap-To: Do you want your employees to be able to clock in a few minutes early and not go "on the clock" until their shift starts? Or clock out a few minutes late but go "off the clock" when their shift ends? Snap-To is where you set that up. For details, click here.
    • Late/Early: When you activate this feature, TimePilot Central compares your employees' shift schedules to when they clock in or out and flags tells you when they clock in early or late. For a complete description, click here.
    • Day Boundary: Do you have a shift schedule that might extend across the end of one day and the start of another? You can define a workday by setting a Day Boundary. For a complete description, click here.
    • Breaks: Do your employees get paid breaks? You can set the system to keep track of their breaks and alert you when an employee remains clocked out for longer than the break period. For a complete description, click here.

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