TimePilot Vetro

Assigning iButtons to existing employees

Let's say you set up your employees in TimePilot Central, transferred their names to your Vetro clocks and planned to have them clock in and out with their ID codes. Now you've decided that they'll need to use iButtons. Here's how to to assign them to your existing employees.

  1. At the Vetro clock, enter the Administration menu by pressing "99" on the clock's keypad, then "OK," and then your six-digit password.
  2. Press No. 4 on the keypad to "Assign iButtons."
  3. Using the up and down arrows on the clock, scroll through your profile list until you find the employee who will be assigned the iButton.
  4. Tap the "In" probe of the clock with the iButton you want to assign.
  5. Repeat these steps for iButtons you want to assign to other employees. Once completed, press "OK" to return to the Administration Menu.
  6. Now you'll confirm the changes in the TimePilot software on your PC. This step varies, depending upon whether you use Network Mode or Standalone Mode:
    • If you use your Vetro in Network Mode, press "Esc" on the clock to return to the main screen. Now return to TimePilot Central on your PC and open Clock Manager. Right-click on the picture of the clock, choose "Network Functions" from the menu that appears and select "Get ID assignments from clock."
    • If you use your Vetro in Standalone Mode, insert the USB drive into the clock and press No. 1 to collect data. This will collect all outstanding transactions as well as the new iButton assignments, so don't be surprised if a few transactions get imported during this process. Now return to the computer running TimePilot Central and plug the USB drive into a USB port. Clock Manager will automatically detect the presence of the USB drive with the TimePilot data files and download the files—including the new iButton information—into the TimePilot database.

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