Tear Up Your Time Cards!

TimePilot Vetro makes them obsolete; also saves time, money

Employees clock in and out by tapping their iButton to one of the probes at the bottom of the clock.How much would you spend to save up to 8% of your annual payroll year after year? $5,000? $10,000? More?

How about less than $400?

If time is money in your business, you need the TimePilot Vetro time and attendance system.

It's a revolutionary time clock system that greatly simplifies employee management and payroll processing for small to medium-sized businesses.

The highlights:

  • Costs only $469.
  • Each clock handles up to 500 employees—just add iButtons. Want to expand your system? Add Vetro clocks.
  • The included software can handle multiple clocks, so you can add more Vetro clocks—or other TimePilot time clock systems like Extreme Blue Enhanced or Tap—to your system. Employees can clock in and out at any clock.
  • Cuts payroll processing time by hours.
  • Automatically calculates work hours.
  • Interfaces with all the major payroll programs and payroll services. (Click here for a list.)
  • Installation wizards make it easy to install and configure the system.
  • Handles multiple departments, shifts, pay periods, holidays, vacations and much more.
  • 30-day guarantee: If you don't like the system, send it back within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund the purchase price. For details, click here.

The TimePilot system eliminates the use of paper timecards—ending the hassle of keeping track of the cards and manually counting employees' work hours—and quickly prepares the payroll information in a format that can be handled by a variety of payroll services and accounting programs. (Click here for a list). Instead of using cards, employees touch a small button—usually attached to their keychains—to a timeclock station that instantly transmits the data to the PC (if it's cabled to your network) or holds it in its memory until you retrieve it with the included USB drive.

A study published in the American Payroll Association's magazine reports that when people count employee work hours on timecards or timesheets, they make errors totaling between 1% and 8% of a company's payroll. By using the computer to count the hours, the TimePilot system eliminates the math errors.

Here's an example of the savings for a 20-employee company that pays each worker $12 an hour: If the TimePilot system stops just 1 minute in calculation errors per employee per day, it will save the company $1,040 a year—more than the cost of the system.

Yet it's as feature-rich as systems costing several times as much—and it's easier to use!

Among its unique additional benefits:

  • Because the computer counts the hours, it drastically cuts the amount of time needed to prepare data for payroll. One of our customers cut their preparation time from 16 hours to 20 minutes every two weeks.
  • It prevents employees from altering their work times on cards or sheets (using a pen to change a 3 to an 8, for instance).
  • It gives supervisors a variety of printable reports: by employee, by department or by shift.
  • Employees clock in and out using the nearly indestructible iButton. The iButton is an electronic chip encased in a watertight stainless steel "can" smaller than a dime. The "can" is attached to a plastic keyfob that is attached to the employee's keychain. Each iButton has a unique ID number, which is detected by the timeclock station when the employee taps his or her button to it. The iButton has a far longer life than magstripe cards—it's guaranteed for 10 years and works as well in dirty environments as it does in offices—and employees don't feel as fearful about a loss of privacy as they do with biometric systems. The iButton can also be used to open iButton Locks, which are also available from TimePilot Corporation.

Complete package includes one TimePilot Vetro clock, software, 10 iButtons, USB drive, power supply, On-Premise software and mounting template.
Just $469!

Free ground shipping within the U.S.!

Please note: Due to supply chain shortages, we will not be able to ship orders for Vetro clocks until September 19.


(You can also use Vetro with our Cloud-based Edition. Please contact us for details at Sales@TimePIlot.com or call us at 630-879-6400.)