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TimePilot Newsletter No. 72: February 2024

News and info for users

of TimePilot time and attendance systems

From the TimePilot 5 Help files...

Using TimePilot Mobile

TimePilot Mobile is the smartphone app that allows employees to clock in and clock out on their iPhone or Android smartphone. If you're a TimePilot customer using our Cloud-Based Edition, you can use the app on as many phones as you wish.

(TimePilot Mobile is just one of several free features of our Cloud-Based Edition: You also get unlimited installs of our desktop PC software-based clock, TimePilot PC, as well as unlimited tech support.)

For your employees, clocking in and out using TimePilot Mobile couldn't be easier.

First, tap the TimePilot Mobile icon (shown at right) to open the app.

To clock in or out, simply tap the IN or OUT button on the screen. If more than one employee is registered with this installation, select the employee from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen before tapping IN or OUT. The transaction will be recorded and inserted into the TimePilot database.

Adding a note

To add a note to a transaction so that it can be viewed in TimePilot Central, tap the Note icon and tap out your message. Then tap the "IN" or the "OUT" button.

Viewing transactions

To view an employee's transactions, tap the "Trans" icon at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone and the top of the screen in Android.

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Questions about TimePilot products, answered by our support technicians.

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Q. We have an Extreme Blue clock and we're missing all the transactions from one day of the workweek. How do we get those missing transactions?

Q. Can TimePilot clocks show an employee their total of hours worked?

Q. An Extreme Blue clock will hold up to 12,000 punches; what happens when we go over that limit?

Q. Can my employees clock in at one TimePilot clock and out at another?

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Interesting time-related stories from around the world.

A few facts about jet lag

  1. Flying east results in more jet lag than flying west. So if you’re flying to Europe, you’ll be more jet lagged when you get there; if you flying to Asia, you’ll be more jet-lagged when you get home.
  2. Want to avoid jet lag? Visit South America. The East Coast of the U.S. and the west coast of South America are in the same time zone.
  3. There are ways to minimize the effects of jet lag; they involve shifting your sleep schedule before you leave, exposure to bright lights and over-the-counter drugs.


Every once in a while, our employees come across “cool stuff.” This is where they share their finds.

AirFly Pro

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

In keeping with our Time Trivia's travel theme, this item will let you listen to your airline's entertainment system while using your Bluetooth headphones.

It just plugs into the entertainment system's headphone jack and transmits the audio to your Airpods or wireless headphones. It also lets you transmit audio from your phone to your car's audio system, even if the car doesn't have Bluetooth capability.

$55 at Amazon

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