TimePilot Newsletter No. 60: February 2019
News & Tips
for Your Time Clock System
In this issue:

  • TimePilot Lead Story: Adding new iButtons to your TimePilot system.

  • TimePilot Q&A: Avoid orphan transactions; USB drives and Vetro.

  • Time Trivia: Animals can tell time; how long is one day on Saturn?

  • Cool Stuff: The Royal Micro-Cut Shredder with 80-Sheet Auto Feed.

With Extreme Blue Enhanced, you'll set up iButtons at the clock.
Adding New iButtons to Your System
In many cases, any new iButtons you receive from TimePilot will not have their 12-character serial numbers engraved on them. So how do you enter their serial numbers when you assign them to employees? The instructions appear in the Quick Start Guide you received with your system, but we've posted a refresher on our new blog, "On the Clock."

Questions from our customers, as answered by our support technicians.

Q. I use Extreme Blue Enhanced. I collect the data from my clock every day or every second day and I keep getting orphan transactions. How can I stop this?

Q. I use Extreme Blue, and I've lost my Management iButton. Is there any other way to extract times from the time clock?

Q. We use a USB drive to extract the data from each Extreme Blue clock. Do we need to use a separate USB drive for each clock or will it just add the information from the second and third time clock to the drive for that pay period?

Q. We use our Vetro clock in standalone mode, and every time I assign a new iButton at the clock, it clears everyone else's names. What's going on?

Interesting time-related stories from around the world.
Animals don't need watches: A new study from Northwestern University has found some of the clearest evidence yet that animals can judge time. Researchers studying animals’ brains found a previously unknown set of neurons that turn on like a clock when an animal is waiting, for example, for food. They’re hoping to use their findings in the effort to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease in humans.

Short Day on Saturn: Using new data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, researchers believe they have solved a longstanding mystery of solar system science: the length of a day on Saturn. The answer, it turned out, was hidden in the rings. It’s 10 hours, 33 minutes and 38 seconds. The figure has eluded planetary scientists for decades, because the gas giant has no solid surface with landmarks to track as it rotates, and it has an unusual magnetic field that hides the planet’s rotation rate.
Every once in a while, our employees come across “cool stuff.” This is where they share their finds.
Royal Micro-Cut Document Shredder
with 80-Sheet Auto Feeder.

It's a new year, and that's a great time to get rid of clutter. Often that involves shredding no-longer-needed sensitive documents. That's easy with the Royal ASF80 Micro-Cut Shredder with 80-Sheet Auto Feed.
The ability to automatically shred up to 80 pages at a time is what makes this shredder really stand apart from other shredders. Just turn on the ASF80, lift the auto-feed tray, load up to 80 sheets of standard 20 lb. bond paper into the tray and walk away. The ASF80 does the rest.

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