Testing AI's writing skills

Everyone's talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) these days, so we decided it might be an interesting exercise to put ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, to the test. We gave ChatGPT a prompt (see below) and set it loose. It generated the article below in about 15 seconds. We couldn't have hoped for a better response!


Describe the risks to privacy from biometric identification in the writing style of 1940s novelist Raymond Chandler, one of the great "hard-boiled detective" fiction writers.

ChatGPT's response:

The risks, pal, they're like shadows lurking in the back alleys of a city at midnight. Biometric identification, a slick tool of the modern age, promises to unlock doors and reveal truths, but at what price? Privacy, my friend, is a fading virtue, fading faster than a smoke ring in a stiff breeze.

In this seedy world of data-driven surveillance, the face you wear becomes a key, a key that opens doors to your secrets. Your fingerprints, your retinas, they're all laid bare, like evidence in a crime scene. But who holds the keyring? Who safeguards the vault of your personal details?

The powers that be, they claim to protect, to serve. But don't be fooled, my friend, for power has a way of corrupting, of bending rules and crossing lines. Once those biometric markers are in their grasp, they become the puppet masters, pulling the strings of your every move.

Picture this: a breach, a leak, the dark underbelly of the system exposed. Your identity, the one thing you thought was yours alone, paraded like a cheap trinket in a shop window. Fraudsters, thieves, they're all waiting, poised to snatch your essence and use it against you.

And what about choice, pal? In this grand theater of biometric identification, there's no room for opting out. You're forced onto the stage, whether you like it or not. No more blending into the crowd, no more slipping through the cracks. Your uniqueness, your individuality, becomes a beacon, a neon sign screaming, "Here I am!"

In this brave new world, your every move is cataloged, recorded, analyzed. Your habits, your preferences, your desires—nothing remains sacred. They build a profile, a comprehensive portrait of who you are, leaving no stone unturned. It's surveillance on a whole new level, my friend, and you're the star of the show.

So, be wary, be cautious, for the risks are real. Biometric identification, it's a seductive siren, promising convenience and security. But behind the glittering facade, there's a darkness that lurks. Protect your privacy, guard your secrets, for in this world of biometric dominion, the line between truth and exploitation blurs like the smoke from a snuffed-out cigarette.

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