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Cloud Backup for On-Premise Edition Customers

Note: If you have the TimePilot 5 Cloud-Based Edition, automatic backups are included as one of its many extra features.

Cloud Edition users also get iPhone or Android apps that allow their employees to clock in on their smartphones, TimePilot PC, which allows employees to clock in at their computers, and unlimited free tech support.

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TimePilot 5 Cloud Backup logoOne of the worst things that can happen to a business is a hard drive crash that destroys essential information. What would happen if, for instance, your TimePilot database vanished, taking with it all your employee data and payroll data?

It probably would take hours of work to recreate what you had, if you could do it at all.

That’s why backing up your database is so important. But it does take time, you have to remember to do it on a regular schedule and you have to have a secure place to save it.

TimePilot 5 On-Premise Edition customers now have a way to have their databases backed up and stored for safekeeping in the Cloud. If their hard drive crashes, they simply download the backed-up database and go on with their day.

You can set the feature to prompt you to back up each time you log out of the TimePilot software, or you can create a backup with a few clicks of your mouse. The five most recent backup copies are always available as long as you have an active subscription.

Price: $60 per year   Buy Now

(After you make your purchase, we will contact you within one business day with instructions on how to back up your database and how to access your backups.)

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