Help me pick the right TimePilot product

Not quite sure which TimePilot clock is right for you? Answer two questions and we'll help you decide. (By the way, they all work together, so you can mix and match.)

First, we'll determine whether you want TimePilot's Cloud version or our On-Premise version

Question 1: Where will your employees be clocking in and out and where do you want access to your clock-in and clock-out data?

I want my employees to be able to clock in and out on their smartphones OR at a physical time clock, and I want my data stored in the Cloud so I can access it anywhere in the world.

I want my employees to clock in and out at a physical time clock and I want to store my database on my own server or PC, which I can access only on my network.

If you'd like to ask questions instead of answering them, you can always call us at 1-630-879-6400 or email us at for suggestions.