TimePilot 5 integrated texting

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Are your employees communicating with you more and more via text messaging? Are they texting you that they will be late or out sick and you end up having to sort through dozens of text messages at the end of pay period in order to complete their time entries and finish payroll?

TimePilot Central integrated texting—an add-on to your Cloud Edition subscription—allows supervisors to directly communicate with their employees the way they are used to communicating. With integrated texting and a phone number assigned to you by TimePilot, you can send texts directly to one or more employees from the In/Out board in TimePilot Central. Texts from employees go directly into TimePilot Central and are stored with TimePilot data.

To text an employee, simply right-click on their name on TimePilot Central's In/Out board. If you're sent a text, you'll receive a pop-up notification message in TimePilot Central. An icon next to the person’s name in the In/Out Board tells you there's a new message from that employee.

That means that right from TimePilot Central, you can:

  • Text an individual employee to inform them about conditions before they get to work.
  • Text a group of employees to assign them to a particular jobsite.
  • Receive sick-day texts from employees.
  • View photos taken and texted by employees.
  • Keep your work-related texts backed up and off your personal phone.

Available only for Cloud-Based Edition customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Price: $310 per year.    Buy now

Important information

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Cancellation policy: You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Please note: We cannot offer refunds on software or subscription services. If you are not sure TimePilot is for you, you can try a 5-employee subscription for a month to give the product an inexpensive tryout. After a month, if you like the product, you can continue the monthly subscription or contact us to move to an annual subscription. We can be reached at (630) 879-6400 or at Sales@TimePilot.com.