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June 3, 2008 -- for immediate release

Doug Marsh, CEO
TimePilot Corporation
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Sheree Womack, National Sales Manager
TimePilot Corporation
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TimePilot goes green with weatherproof,
portable punch clock replacement

June 3, 2008

BATAVIA, Illinois--TimePilot Extreme, a new weatherproof, portable time and attendance system, comes in one color—black—but you could say it's green, too.

The new product, by Batavia-based TimePilot Corporation, is designed to be mounted at construction sites. Workers clock in and out right on site, and when the project is finished, the clock can be removed easily and taken to the next site.

So why could you call it green? Let TimePilot founder Doug Marsh explain. "It's a green product for a couple of reasons," Marsh said.

"First, you don't use paper cards or sheets that get thrown away into landfills after a few weeks," he said. "In our system, each employee receives a key-sized device that they tap to the clock to clock in and out. The device, called an iButton, fits on the employee's keychain, is waterproof, can be reassigned to another employee and lasts at least 10 years.

"Second, TimePilot Extreme allows employees to drive straight to the job site and clock in there. Right now, many companies have their employees drive to a central office to clock in and then go off to the site. TimePilot Extreme cuts out that extra trip and therefore saves gas and reduces pollution."

TimePilot Extreme was essentially designed by the company's customers. "I'm always talking to our customers," said Sheree Womack, TimePilot's national sales manager. "They like our other time and attendance systems, but kept asking if we had a portable system. At the time we didn't have one, but I'd ask each person what they wanted to see in such a system. That list was what we started with when we designed the system."

The system works like this:

A zinc-coated steel mounting plate is screwed to a wall, a stud or other solid object. Then the battery-powered Extreme timeclock, made of durable cast aluminum, is attached to the plate. The two pieces are locked together with a padlock, which secures the weatherproof system from theft.

Employees clock in and out with a single iButton (The clock's memory holds up to 12,000 clock ins and clock outs). When it's time to do payroll, a supervisor plugs a finger-sized USB drive into the bottom of the clock and the data is transferred to the drive.

Back at the office, the supervisor plugs the USB drive into a computer running the TimePilot software, which has been praised for its ease of use as well as its powerful features. The software allows the supervisor to make corrections and generate reports, or e-mail the data to another location for payroll processing. The password-protected software comes in three languages: English, Canadian French and Spanish, and the language can be changed on the fly at any time.

An additional benefit is that the software is completely compatible with TimePilot's other time and attendance products, TimePilot Vetro and TimePilot PC. TimePilot Vetro is an electronic timeclock, used with iButtons, that's intended to replace the old-fashioned punch clock. TimePilot PC allows employees to clock in and out right at their computer screens, simply by clicking a mouse. Companies can "mix and match" the products to create a single system that's perfect for the office (TimePilot PC), the back shop (TimePilot Vetro) and the remote site (TimePilot Extreme).

A TimePilot Extreme Starter Kit, which contains one Extreme clock and enough iButtons for 10 employees, retails for $849. To expand the system, you simply purchase more clocks ($449 each) and/or more iButtons ($59 for a pack of 10). The system can handle multiple clocks and as many as 2,000 employees.

For further information, visit TimePilot’s web site,, or call National Sales Manager Sheree Womack at 1-630-879-6400, extension 104.

TimePilot Corporation is an independent company formed with the assistance of Spectrum Companies International, Ltd., in 2001. Spectrum, a 30-year-old Batavia, Illinois, company that manufactures a variety of products and has a client list that includes Panasonic, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, had manufactured a time and attendance system under the InTime name since 1998. Since 2001, TimePilot has substantially upgraded and expanded the system's software and hardware, and is dedicated to bringing time management efficiency and controls to our customers. The systems are used by companies across the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as in Europe and South Africa.


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