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TimePilot applies high tech to a low-tech product

Company's advanced timeclock saves hours of work

BATAVIA, IL—TimePilot Corporation is taking timeclocks in a whole new direction.

The Batavia company manufactures a revolutionary timeclock system that uses the power of the personal computer to greatly simplify employee management and payroll processing for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The TimePilot system eliminates the use of paper time cards-ending the hassle of keeping track of the cards and manually counting employees' work hours-and prepares the payroll information to be processed by a company's accounting or payroll program. Instead of using cards, employees touch a small button-usually attached to their keychains-to a timeclock station that transmits the data to the PC.

The system has several additional benefits for employers:

  • It has a real-time "who's in/who's out" feature for companies that need to keep track of their employees but don't need to total up their work hours. As employees clock in or out, their status is instantly updated on the TimePilot In/Out Manager screen. Such a system could be used by a receptionist who needs to know which staff members are available to take calls or visitors and which need messages taken.
  • It can be used to control access to buildings or areas within buildings. In this use, the button-called the iButton and containing a computer chip that transmits an individual employee ID number to the system-acts as a key to unlock or lock a door. Supervisors can determine which employees have access and which do not.
  • It gives supervisors a variety of ways to view the clock-in/clock-out data: by employee, by department or by shift.
  • It eliminates manual calculation errors, often improving employee morale.
  • It is extremely affordably priced: A 50-employee company can be up and running on the system for as little as $800. One Chicago-area company saved $25,000 a year in payroll processing costs with the TimePilot system. Another company had been spending several hours a week counting hours on time cards; with TimePilot, the process was cut to 10 minutes.

Here's how it works: Employees clock in or out by touching the iButton to a wall-or desk-mounted timeclock station the size of a paperback book. One PC can handle as many as 20 timeclock stations and up to 2,000 employees.

The employee's clock-in or clock-out information is transmitted by cable to the PC, where the data is safely and securely recorded on the PC's hard drive. At the same time, the TimePilot software immediately updates the In/Out display to show whether the employee is available.

When it's time to add up the employees' hours and prepare the data for payroll, the TimePilot software takes minutes to do a job that takes hours by hand. It compiles the payroll data and exports it in a format that can be read by most major accounting and payroll programs.

TimePilot Corporation was spun off by Spectrum Companies International, Ltd., earlier this year. Spectrum, a 30-year-old Batavia company that manufactures a variety of products and has a client list that includes Panasonic, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, had marketed the time and attendance system under the InTime name for the last three years.

TimePilot Corporation has substantially upgraded the system's software and hardware, and the systems are used by more than 50 companies across the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, visit the TimePilot Corporation web site: TimePilot is located at 340 McKee Street, Batavia, Illinois 60510. Its phone number is 630-879-6400.