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TimePilot Newsletter No. 71: July 2023

News and info for users
of TimePilot time and attendance systems

Keep in touch

with your remote employees!

Add texting to your TimePilot 5 software;

get a $30 discount until Friday

Let’s say you have 15 employees using the TimePilot Mobile smartphone app at remote sites, and you need to get each employee’s home address.

You could call each employee, but you’ll have to make 15 phone calls (at least!).

You could text each employee, but you’ll have to generate 15 texts. (Unless you want your employees to return a group text, which will let each employee know where the other 14 live.)

Is there an easier method? Yes: TimePilot Central’s new Integrated Texting feature.

This feature is available to TimePilot 5 Cloud-Based Edition customers in the U.S. and Canada.

When you add this feature, within one business day you'll be emailed a phone number that can be entered into your software. Once the number is entered and you've entered your employees' phone numbers into their employee profiles, you're all set!

When you want to send a text, you’ll start the TimePilot 5 software and use the In/Out Board (at the top left of the TimePilot 5 software screen) to communicate with employees.

With TimePilot’s Integrated Texting, you can:

  • Send out a group text, and when each employee responds, their response will go only to you—not to everyone else on the group text. 
  • Text an individual employee to inform them about conditions before they get to work.
  • Receive sick-day texts from employees.
  • View photos texted by employees.
  • Set the system to text you when particular employees clock in or clock out.
  • Forward texts received by the TimePilot software to your personal phone.  

In addition, TimePilot Integrated Texting keeps work-related texts backed up for future reference.

Why is texting employees—instead of emailing or calling—a good idea? Here are some reasons:

  1. Instant Communication: Texting provides a fast and efficient means of communication without the need for lengthy phone calls or waiting for email responses.
  2. Increased Responsiveness: Employees are more likely to check and respond to text messages promptly, as text messages are often perceived as more urgent compared to emails.
  3. Flexibility and Convenience: Employees can receive and respond to texts even when they are away from their workstations or outside regular working hours.
  4. Reduced Miscommunication: Text messages provide a written record of communication, which can help minimize misunderstandings or misinterpretations. It allows employees to refer back to the messages for clarification and ensures that important details are not forgotten.
  5. Improved Collaboration: Texting can facilitate quick collaboration and coordination among team members.

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List price: $310 per year;

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Available only for customers running

TimePilot 5 Cloud Edition in the U.S. and Canada.

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Questions about TimePilot products, answered by our support technicians.

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Interesting time-related stories from around the world.

Unlike China, which has just one time zone, France has 12 time zones: One for the country itself and 11 in its overseas territories.


Is that clock happy? If you’ve shopped for a new analog clock or watch recently, you may have noticed that in the ads the hands were set at 10:10, give or take a few minutes. That allows them to be displayed in a symmetrical way that doesn’t obscure any logos in the center of the clock’s face. The hands also resemble a smile.


Every once in a while, our employees come across “cool stuff.” This is where they share their finds.

Herb snips

These scissors are a great way to add fresh herbs to your food. The stainless steel blades cut herbs five times faster than regular scissors because they have five blades.

$7.86 at Amazon

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