Q. How do we delete employees in TimePilot Central who have been terminated from our company? We have a Vetro clock that we use with the USB drive.

A. In order to remove an employee from TimePilot Central, you’ll first need to make sure there are no transactions tied to that profile in your Current Transactions. If there are, perform an extraction. After that is performed, you can right-click on the profile and delete it.

Vetro customers who use the USB drive to transfer their data have one more step: After deleting the employee from TimePilot Central, you must also update the Vetro clock to reflect the change. Within TimePilot Central, go to Setup > Transfer Changes to Vetro Clocks Using USB. That will take your current employee list from TimePilot Central and place it on your USB drive. Next, plug the USB drive into the Vetro clock and select number 3 in the Administration Menu to apply the changes from the USB drive.

Here’s why we designed the software this way: Let’s say an employee works a regular shift for the first half of the pay period, and then leaves the company. If you deleted that person’s profile while his or her clock-ins and clock-outs were still in Current Transactions, you would end up with “orphan” transactions—transactions with no name attached. By requiring you to extract the pay period before you delete the employee’s profile, you are ensured of keeping a complete record of that person’s work hours.

Q. Can more than one TimePilot Vetro be used on a network?

A. Yes. You can use as many as you want. When you set up each clock, you’ll have the opportunity to give each a name. By doing so, each of your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs listed in TimePilot Central will include the name of the clock they used.

Q. I need to move the Vetro clock from our office to our shop. If I unplug it, will I lose the data I have entered?

A. No. All your data is safe. The data is saved to "non-volatile" memory, which means that it's saved even if the power goes out. You will have to reset the time on the clock, however, unless you're using our optional Vetro Battery Backup. If you're using the Battery Backup, when you unplug the system from the wall outlet the battery will immediately kick in to power the clock and keep the time accurate. When you plug in the system at its new location, the Battery Backup will shift back to regular power and recharge the battery.For more on the Vetro Battery Backup, click here.

Q. We were looking to delete a couple of shifts that we no longer use. Is this possible?

A. Yes, you can delete shifts as you need to. However, before you can delete a shift, you will need to make sure the shift is not assigned to an employee who has transactions in Current Transactions. If the shift is assigned to an employee, you'll have to assign him or her to another shift (or "No Shift"). When you delete the shift, it will no longer show up from this point forward. The shift will still appear in your  extracted pay periods. By the way, you can easily tell at a glance who has what shift in the "Shift" column in Current Transactions. If you don't see a column marked "Shift," here's how to make it appear:

  1. Right-click the green bar across the top of the Current Transactions screen. The Show/Hide Columns box will appear.
  2. Scroll down to "Shift" and click the checkbox. (You can add or subtract other columns here too.)
  3. Click "Save."
  4. Now you'll be able to see each employee's shift in Current Transactions.

Flat is better: If you were offered a choice between a flat $30 for a taxi ride to the airport, or a pay-by-the-minute rate that would probably cost you $25 but might end up costing you $35, which would you take?

Economists' studies have found that most people will pick the flat rate. It's called "the taxi-meter effect," and it applies to more than cab rides: it also applies to cell phone minutes and bank fees and many other procedures. It’s not just a fear that you might underestimate your phone use or the congestion on your morning commute—it’s that consumers hate knowing that each extra minute or mile is costing them money. It works in other areas, too: When an Israeli bank stopped charging per transaction and changed to a flat rate, their revenues went up by 15 percent and customers were happier.


Myth in "Fiction": There is a persistent myth that that all the clocks in the movie "Pulp Fiction" are set to 4:20. However, in at least two scenes it is obvious that this is not the case. In "The Bonnie Situation," while Jimmy, Vince and Jules are drinking coffee in the kitchen, the clock clearly reads 8:15. Secondly, when Vince and Jules go to retrieve the briefcase, it is "7:22 in the a.m." The significance of the time 4:20 is that it is slang for smoking marijuana.


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7 (More) Top Tips
from Past Newsletters

We're well into our third year of TimePilot Times Newsletters, and thanks to you we've built our subscriber base to more than 4,000. Last month we took a look back at seven of our past lead stories that you might have missed; here are seven more valuable ones:

Using TimePilot with a New PC

You bought a new computer? Congratulations! After it’s all unpacked and set up and Windows 8 is updated and you installed an anti-virus program (you did do that, didn’t you?), you probably want to get TimePilot installed and running. Here’s how. Read more...

Best Practices:
Inside TimePilot Central

If you use TimePilot on a daily or weekly basis, you probably spend a lot of time with TimePilot Central. The TimePilot Central screen contains lots of data; sometimes you can become more efficient by simplifying things. Read more...

Best Practices:
All About Holiday Schedules

Setting up holiday schedules in the TimePilot software is pretty straightforward, but there are some things you can do that will get the job done more quickly and efficiently. The article also describes what to do if, for instance, you realize on July 10 that you've forgotten to include July 4 as a holiday on your schedule. Read more...

Best Practices:
The Backup-Restore Utility

You’ve been using TimePilot for a while now, and there are dozens of extracted pay periods taking up space on your computer’s hard drive. But it’s just a fact of life that hard drives die. That’s why it’s important to back up your data, so that when (not if!) your drive dies and the data is no longer available, you’ll have a copy. TimePilot has a special program that makes this easy. In this article, we’ll go through two of the most common procedures: backing up your Current Transactions and backing up your extracted pay periods. Read more...

Software Secrets:
The Help Files

Hidden away in your TimePilot software is something that could well make your life easier: The software’s Help files. The Help files explain all the ins and outs of the software, but one of their special features is a list of definitions of words and phrases used in the software. What does “Snap-To” mean? How does “Rounding” work? And what in the world are "Buffer Zones"?(By the way, the article mentions a user manual; we no longer offer a printed manual with our products. Instead, we beefed up the help files and enhanced the Quick Start Guide.) Read more...

Best Practices:
TimePilot and Employee Breaks

How do you handle employee breaks? Work breaks are generally considered paid time, and therefore employees do not have to clock out and then clock in. But there may be times when you want to monitor employees' breaks to ensure they aren't taking extra time, or even penalize employees who take longer breaks than they should. Read more...

Reports: Putting Your Data into Printable or E-mailable Form

TimePilot Central is pretty impressive, but when all is said and done, it’s just dots on a screen. You can’t click “Print” and a few seconds later have a perfect copy to show someone, and you can’t email TimePilot Central to someone who wants to see their hours. So how do you get a hard copy of your data? In a word, Reports. Read more...

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Clean Bottle

This is one of those "why-didn't-I-think-of-that?" products.

Don't you hate it when you grab your water bottle, pop the top and find mold growing at the bottom? The people at Clean Bottle have solved that problem. They've created a line of water bottles with screw-off bottoms so you can clean them thoroughly.

The bottles come in plastic, metal and glass, round and square, and are guaranteed for life. They start at $9.95.

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