Tear Up Your Timecards!

TimePilot PC: On-Premise saves your organization time and money

How much would you spend to save up to 8% of your annual payroll year after year? $5,000? $10,000? More?

How about less than $150?

If time is money in your business, you need the TimePilot PC: On-Premise time and attendance system.

It's an inexpensive, easy-to-use software-based time and attendance system that uses the power of the personal computer to greatly simplify employee management and payroll processing for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The highlights:

  • Starts at $149 (for a single-client license, allowing the software to be installed on a single computer) and $249 (for a five-client license, allowing the software to be installed on up to five computers).
  • Additional licenses, which allow you to install the software on more computers, are inexpensive and available in packs of 5, 10, 25 and more. You can learn more about them here.
  • Handles up to 2,000 employees.
  • Automatically calculates work hours.
  • Interfaces with all the major payroll programs and payroll services.
  • Installation wizard makes system setup a snap.
  • Cuts payroll processing time by hours.
  • Handles multiple departments, shifts, pay periods, holidays, vacations and much more.
  • Works well as a stand-alone system or integrates seamlessly with TimePilot Vetro, TimePilot Tap+ or TimePilot Extreme Blue time and attendance systems.

TimePilot PC: On-Premise eliminates the use of paper timecards—ending the hassle of keeping track of the cards and manually counting employees' work hours—and quickly prepares the payroll information in a format that can be handled by a variety of payroll services and accounting programs. (Click here for a list).

A study published by the American Payroll Association reports that when people count employee work hours on timecards or timesheets, they make errors totaling between 1% and 8% of a company's payroll. By using the computer to count the hours, the TimePilot system eliminates the math errors.

Here's an example of the savings for a 20-employee company that pays each worker $12 an hour: If TimePilot PC: On-Premise stops just 1 minute in calculation errors per employee per day, it will save the company $1,040 a year—far more than the cost of the system! (How did we calculate that? Click here to find out!)

Yet it's as feature-rich as systems costing several times as much—and it's easier to use!

Among its additional benefits:

  • Because the computer counts the hours, it drastically cuts the amount of time needed to prepare data for payroll. One of our customers cut their preparation time from 16 hours to 20 minutes every two weeks.
  • It prevents employees from altering their work times on cards or sheets (using a pen to change a 3 to an 8, for instance).
  • As employees clock in or out, their status is  updated in TimePilot Central. TimePilot Central is the software program supervisors use to view or correct their employees' clock-ins and clock-outs and prepare the data for payroll.
  • It gives supervisors a variety of printable reports: by employee, by department or by shift.
  • Want to raise the security level? With the optional iButton Receptor, a small device that attaches to the USB port of your computer, employees can use iButtons to identify themselves to the system. Each employee is issued a key-sized iButton that is unique to him or her, and they touch that to the iButton Receptor to identify themselves to the system. The nearly indestructible and reusable iButton is unaffected by magnetic fields, metal detectors, water and most common chemicals.

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How does the TimePilot PC: On-Premise
system work?

Employees have several ways of clocking in:

  1. By using the keypad on their computer keyboard. They type in their 4-digit ID number, and press "+" to clock in and "-" to clock out.
  2. By clicking their PC's mouse on the TimePilot PC: On-Premise image on their computer screen.
  3. By using a touch-screen monitor and touching the on-screen keys to input their 4-digit ID.
  4. With the optional iButton Receptor, employees touch a iButton to the receptor to identify themselves, then clock in.  

Any way it's done, the employee's clock-in or clock-out information is safely and securely recorded on the PC's hard drive or on a network server.

Supervisors can use the software's password-protected TimePilot Central to set up new employees, view their employees' clock-ins and clock-outs and make corrections and changes as needed.

Did an employee forget to clock in or out? The TimePilot software will catch the error the next time the employee clocks in or out and flag the problem for a supervisor to correct.

When it's time to add up the employees' hours and prepare the data for payroll, the TimePilot software takes minutes to do a job that takes hours by hand. It compiles the payroll data and exports it in the correct format. Then just fire up your payroll program and import your payroll data.

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Five-User Version of TimePilot PC: On-Premise

Price: $249  Buy Now

Special offer: Five-User Version of TimePilot PC: On-Premise and 1-year support contract
Your initial annual support contract is just $100 if purchased with a TimePilot PC: On-Premise system! (Regular price is $149).

Price: $349  Buy Now

Single-User Version of TimePilot PC: On-Premise

Price: $149   Buy Now

Special offer: Single-user version TimePilot PC: On-Premise and 1-year support contract
Your initial annual support contract is just $100 if purchased with a TimePilot PC: On-Premise system! (Regular price is $149).

Price: $249  Buy Now

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