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TimePilot Central software



I've forgotten the password to TimePilot Central.

Call a tech support specialist (1-630-879-6400) and have your license key available, and they can issue you a temporary password. The temporary password will expire at midnight, but it will enable you to reset your permanent password.

All I see is old transactions, not the newest ones.

You may be looking at an extracted pay period instead of your Current Transactions. If the bar at the top of the Transaction List is yellow, it's a past pay period; if it's green it's Current Transactions. To switch, click the "Periods" menu, then choose Current Transactions or Past Pay Period.

Some of the names in the Employee List are in red. What does that mean?

A name in red means the TimePilot software cannot calculate the employee's hours. Generally, the employee has forgotten to clock in or out, or clocked in when they should have clocked out, or vice-versa.

To solve the problem, click the employee's name, so you'll see just his or her clock-ins and clock-outs. If you see a triangle in the very first column of the employee's transactions, that indicates a clock-in; a white space indicates a clock out. An error-free set of transactions will alternate red triangle-white space-red triangle-white space all the way down the screen. If that pattern is broken —you see two triangles or two white spaces together—that's probably where the error is.

If you don't have alternating clock-ins and clock-outs, you have an error.

Once you find the error, you can insert the missing in or out transaction using the "Insert IN" or "Insert OUT" buttons at the top of the TimePilot Central screen.


TimePilot Vetro



I've forgotten my clock's administrator password.

To see your clock’s password, right-click the image of the clock in Vetro Data Manager (if you're using TimePilot Retail Edition Software) or Clock Manager (if you're using TimePilot Professional or Enterprise Edition software). Choose "Properties" from the pop-up menu to see the password.

After collecting the data from our Vetro, when we insert the USB drive into our PC, nothing happens. What should we do?

When you insert the USB drive into your PC, the first thing the software does is look for a small file called "V4520" on the drive. If that file is missing, the data won't transfer. To correct the problem, you'll need to put that file back on your USB drive. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > TimePilot IV > TimePilot Utilities > TimePilot Support Utility.
  2. In the box that appears, click "Initialize USB Drive" and follow the instructions that appear. The V4520 file will be loaded on to your USB drive and you'll be good to go.

Yesterday, my Vetro clock was working fine; today it's showing a date in January 2002. What happened?

That's an indicator that power to the clock was interrupted at some point overnight. You'll need to reset the time on your clock.

  • To get the "Set Date and Time" prompt, unplug the clock and plug back in or on the clock press 99 > OK followed by the six digit password to get into administration menu.
  • Select option 2 to set date and time.
  • Perform a test transaction and import it into TimePilot Central to verify correct date and time.

You can avoid this problem by doing one of two things:

  • Attaching the clock to your local area network. When the power comes back, the clock's time is automatically synchronized to the time on your network's server.
  • Using an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS). These battery backup devices keep power flowing to the clock even if your local power supplier has an outage. TimePilot offers two solutions for such a situation: The Vetro Battery Backup and the Power Over Ethernet Kit (if your server has UPS protection).

My Vetro screen is blank

  • Check that the power supply is plugged securely into the clock and the AC outlet.
  • Try plugging the power supply into a different AC outlet.

I'm getting a message on the clock that an iButton is not recognized.

Verify that all profiles are entered into TimePilot Central's Current Transactions list.

For TimePilot customers using Vetro Data Manager and who use the USB drive to collect their data, follow these steps to properly add employees and assign ibuttons:

  1. At your PC running the TimePilot software, add the new employee(s) in TimePilot Central. (Setup > Profile Setup... > Add New Profile)
  2. In TimePilot Central, go to Setup > Vetro Data Manager.
  3. Insert your USB drive into the computer.
  4. Right-click on the picture of the Vetro clock > USB Functions > Transfer Employee Setup.
  5. When prompted, remove the USB drive from the computer and insert it into your clock.
  6. Enter the Vetro’s administration menu by pressing 99 > OK > your 6-digit password.
  7. Select option 3 for "Read USB Drive."
  8. If you are not assigning iButtons to the new employees (employees will clock in with an ID number), then you are done. If you are using iButtons, continue to the next step.
  9. Remove the USB drive from the clock.
  10. Press option #4: "Assign iButtons." Scroll through the list of employees using the up/down arrows on the clock. With the person’s name on the screen, touch their iButton to the "In" probe. The iButton number will be recorded in the clock's memory.
  11. Press "OK" to return to the Administration Menu.
  12. Insert the USB drive into the Vetro clock and press #1 to collect data from the clock. (This data will now include the new employee's name and his or her iButton number.)
  13. After getting the "Data Succesfully Written to USB" message, remove the drive from the clock and insert it into the computer to complete the synchronization process.

For TimePilot customers using Vetro Data Manager and have their Vetro clock on their network, follow these steps to properly add employees and assign ibuttons:

  1. At your PC running the TimePilot software, add the new employee(s) in TimePilot Central.
  2. In TimePilot Central, go to Setup > Vetro Data Manager.
  3. Right-click on the picture of the Vetro clock > Network Functions > Transfer User Setup to Clock.
  4. The new employee(s) are now in your Vetro. Now it's time to go to the clock and assign the ibuttons to the new employee(s):
  5. Enter the Vetro clock’s Administration Menu by pressing 99 > OK > your 6-digit password.
  6. At the Administration Menu, select option 4 for “Assign iButtons.” Using the up/down arrows on the clock, scroll through the list of employees. With the person’s name on the screen, touch their iButton to the "In" probe. The iButton number will be recorded in the clock's memory.
  7. Repeat for additional employees. After all ibuttons are assigned, press the “ESC” button until you are back to the "Clock-In" screen.
  8. At this point, TimePilot Central is still unaware of the iButtons that you have just assigned. The final step is to synchronize the clock with the software: Back at Vetro Data Manager on your PC, right-click the picture of the Vetro clock > Network Functions > Update user iButtons from clock.

The Vetro clock is beeping after restoring power.

That's indicative of an incomplete firmware update.

  1. Unplug the clock from power supply.
  2. Plug the USB drive into the clock and restore power.
  3. Allow the clock to completely finish the update.
  4. Remove the USB drive from the clock.
  5. Delete the .hex file from the USB drive.

The clock seems to run fast, then slow.

That's an indicator of varying voltage levels to the clock.

  • Try a different power outlet.
  • Change the method of data collection from USB drive to network mode to synchronize its time and date with the computer's date and time.

I can't get my clock-in and clock-out data from my networked Vetro clock into TimePilot Central. For a few days everything was fine, but now the data isn't getting into TimePilot Central through my network. I've been transferring  everything with the USB drive, but is there something I need to do to get the network connection back?

It sounds like your clock has lost its connection to the database.

If you're using TimePilot Retail Edition Software, make sure you have Vetro Data Manager running.

If you're using TimePilot Professional or Enterprise Edition software, you'll need to restart the TimePilot Service. Open Clock Manager and click the appropriate button. Once the Service is running, you can close Clock Manager.

For instructions on how to determine your software version, click here.

Note: TimePilot Service is available only to users of the Professional and Enterprise Editions of the TimePilot software. TimePilot Retail Edition users can upgrade to either of these versions. For details. click here or contact us at or 630-879-6400.

TimePilot Extreme/Extreme Blue/Extreme Blue Enhanced



I'm trying to collect the data from my Extreme clock, but it's not downloading to the USB drive. How can I get it to collect the data?

Replace the AA batteries in your clock. The system was designed so that the first indication that your batteries are running down is that you won't be able to copy the data to the USB drive; the clock can still accept clock-ins and clock-outs from employees, because they use very little power. And, of course, any transactions already collected are safely stored in its memory.) Use alkaline batteries and replace them annually.

TimePilot Tap



My Tap isn't importing the clock-ins and clock-outs into my computer running TimePilot Central when I plug in the USB cable.

Make sure Tap Manager is running when you plug in the cable. Tap Manager acts as a bridge between the Tap clock and TimePilot Central. To start Tap Manager, open TimePilot Central, click the Setup menu, then Tap Manager.

TimePilot PC



When I start TimePilot PC, I get a message that my "evaluation period has ended" and I can't go any further.

TimePilot PC is available as a 30-day trial as well as a regular TimePilot product. If you're getting that message, you probably are using the trial version and either haven't purchased the software and your 30 days are up, or you have purchased the software but just haven't entered the new registration number that tells the software that it's no longer in "evaluation mode."

Either way, your clock-ins and clock-outs collected in the last month won't be lost.

  • If you want to purchase the software, click here (requires Internet connection).
  • If you have already purchased the software and can't find the registration number or aren't sure how to enter it, please contact a tech support specialist at 630-879-6400 or at

TimePilot Smartphone Apps



The App was working well; I just downloaded the update and now it's not working.

Reboot your phone.