TimePilot Enterprise: Multi-Level Access

TimePilot Enterprise allows you to set multiple levels of access to employee clock-ins and clock-outs.

This comes in handy if, for instance, you want to see and be able to modify all employee transactions and you want supervisors of individual departments to be able to see and modify only transactions generated by their department's employees.

You can limit people's access by company, location, department or shift. You can also give them the ability to make changes to the TimePilot hardware (change the time on the clocks, for instance) or the ability to view transactions but not make any changes. Each person with access receives their own username and password.

Below is an example of how multiple levels of access might be used by a small fire department:

To set up a log-in, start TimePilot Central, click the "Administrative" menu and choose "Login Account Access." Here's a screenshot:

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