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TimePilot Extreme Blue; click for details

Price: $529

TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced; click for details

Price: $849

TimePilot Tap+; click for details

Price: $349

TimePilot Vetro; click for details

Price: $369

TimePilot PC; click for details

Price: $149


*Portable, but not weatherproof. (TimePilot Extreme Blue and Extreme Blue Enhanced are our weatherproof clocks.) †When attached to PC with USB cable. ‡When used in Network Mode. ◊With optional iButton Receptor. Just a few moments from phone to PC via the Cloud.

TimePilot has five different timeclock products: TimePilot Extreme Blue, TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced, TimePilot Tap+, TimePilot Vetro and TimePilot PC. All of our timeclock products except Extreme Blue use the same Windows-based TimePilot management software and can be used together. (Extreme Blue only uses an app; there's no need for PC software.) That means that you can build a single time and attendance system that handles exterior clock-ins, clock-ins via iPhones, clock-ins on the factory floor, clock-ins in an office and clock-ins at employees' desks.

The products are:

  • TimePilot Extreme Blue: A simple, weatherproof, battery-powered system designed for outdoor use, although it can be used inside, too. There's no PC needed: Extreme Blue plus your iPhone or Android smartphone gives you a complete time and attendance system. It's expandable, too—you can add more clocks and up to 2,000 employees to the system. Details ...
  • TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced: The biggest difference between Extreme Blue and Extreme Blue Enhanced is that this product comes with TimePilot's powerful but easy-to-use PC software. It's a weatherproof, battery-powered system designed for outdoor use by organizations larger than those that will use Extreme Blue. With this system, users collect and correct the data from the clocks, just like with Extreme Blue, but they also have the ability to send their data to headquarters via the Cloud. If you have multiple locations, need more detailed recordkeeping or want to export your data to a payroll service or to payroll software, this is the system for you. Details ...
  • TimePilot Tap+. It's a small, light, battery-powered timeclock that fits in a pocket or can be mounted anywhere. Employees just tap their iButtons to the clock to clock in and out. The unit's rechargeable battery lasts as long as a year on a single charge. To move the clock-in and clock-out data to the TimePilot software on your PC, just plug in the included USB cable. An alternate way of using the product is to keep the clock on your desk, cabled to your computer. By doing so, all clock-ins and clock-outs are instantly sent to the TimePilot software. Details ...
  • TimePilot Vetro. TimePilot Vetro is designed to replace old-fashioned, inaccurate punch clocks. This state-of-the-art, wall-mounted timeclock can be used with or without a local area network and uses the same iButtons as other TimePilot systems. When not being used, the clock displays the time and date on its sleek black touchscreen. The 16-key keypad illuminates when it's touched by an employee. Details ...
  • TimePilot PC: This is our completely software-based time and attendance system. Employees click on the image of a timeclock on their computer screens to clock in and out. There are two versions available: a single-seat version that allows the software timeclock to be installed on one computer; and a five-seat version that allows the timeclock to be installed on up to five computers. (Just like its big brother, TimePilot Extreme Blue, TimePilot PC can accommodate up to 2,000 users.TimePilot Vetro can accommodate 500.) TimePilot PC gives a company lots of options: It could have all of its employees clock in at any of the PCs running the software; or it could—with the purchase of additional inexpensive licenses—have hundreds of employees clock in at the PCs on their desks. Details ...